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The Betway logo matches neither colour, but seems to camouflage itself perfectly nonetheless. Puma got it absolutely spot on with their choice of colours here, but the zig zag design down the centre is messy to say the least and isn’t helped by yet another busied sponsor logo. You know we rate the Adidas design when we think the same sponsor that hurt Palace is faring much better here. Adidas have taken a vintage shirt from the 1990s, given it a beautiful modern riff and it’s already flying off the shelves for good reason. There’s something about this kit that screams ‘less is more’, while the colours mix effortlessly from ‘Union Standard Group’ into the Adidas number around it. Seriously, though, can any other kit be number one? This late-90s kit was sponsored by Nintendo, and the white blocks on the shoulders and down the sides have more than a shade of games console aesthetic about them.

In truth, it feels harsh to call Wright-Phillips fading, such has been his huge impact in MLS since his arrival from Charlton back in 2013. He has 124 goals to his name, and at the age of 33 probably has a few more seasons left in his locker. There weren’t too many instances of United wearing their gold shirt during the 2001/02 season – one of the few was a horror show against Arsenal at Highbury – but it was a real statement jersey that celebrated an important milestone in the club’s history. Third: Continuing the retro theme, Arsenal have resurrected their cult classic “blue lightning” away kit from 1995-96. Breathing new life into a fan favourite, the 2021-22 rework sees the bolt graphic spread right across the shirt, with two shades of blue and a contrasting scarlet outline combining to create a pattern that feels brand new and yet familiar at the same time. The 2017-18 season was manager Arsene Wenger’s final campaign with Arsenal.

What’s your favourite Premier League away kit this season? The Hammers might just have the best home-away kit combination this season and we can’t get enough of what Umbro have done with the collar and sleeves here. Another colour combination that simply doesn’t work. In 1964-65, Shankly introduced an entirely red kit — shirt, shorts and socks — at Anfield for the first time, citing the psychological advantages of harnessing the “danger and power” associated with the colour. The simplistic design has a lot going for it, yet the ‘living coral’ colour choice was definitely a mistake. We’re sorry, manchester united jersey but there’s too many colours going on here. We’re pretty much just going to shrug our shoulders here. We’re sure that some fans will shrug their shoulders at this one, but sue us for thinking that Nike have released yet another smooth and suave Spurs kit. His Colorado Rapids side begin their campaign against MLS Cup runners-up Portland Timbers this weekend, and Howard will almost certainly be between the sticks for the start of his last hurrah. Should the Toffees’ new kit prove as effective, opposing defenders will no doubt have similar problems judging precisely which way Richarlison is facing while he charges around the Goodison pitch.

Once they walked into a house and Nobby realized he’d come face to face with the family of the great Jimmy Delaney, whose signing in 1946 made the city ripple in much the way Ronaldo’s signing has in 2021. One of Jimmy’s United jerseys hung on the wall. United and Umbro took things right the way back to the very beginning in 1992 for the start of the new Premier League era, man u jersey creating a Newton Heath throwback with green and gold halves. He can still see the green grass and the rising tide of concrete seats, and he remembers imagining his own feet on that field, swelling with longing, with respect but most of all, with reverence. It’s so smart that we want to see it in a James Bond film or at an Oscars ceremony. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly smart even if it’s a little safe. We have a soft spot for black kits and when you chuck Wolves’ orange hues into the equation, you get an incredibly smart result. What’s annoying here is that black and white kits can be some of the best in the business and although we’re fans of this Brighton effort, it could have been a top five contender.