Robert Frost – From Humble Beginnings To National Honor


Robert Frost is one the most beloved poet’s in world history. Born in 1874 in San Francisco, Frost moved to New England as a young man after the passing of his father. His original love for writing began to blossom in his high school years where he would meet his future wife. After high school Robert went on Harvard but could not stay to finish due to an illness and he was always expecting his first child. Sadly, he lost several children due to illness which was common in the 1800’s due to poor medical care. He decided to sell his farm in 1912 and move his entire family to England in an effort to find better options for publishing his poetry.

Honors That Robert Frost Received

Due to the out break of World War 1, Frost moved back to the United States and choose New Hampshire as his new home. He would go on to teach at many different colleges and receive multiple awards including multiple Pulitzer Prize’s for Poetry. He also received over 40 honoring degrees and the Congressional Gold Medal. One of his final honors was when he was chosen to read at a Poem at John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration. He died in 1963 after living a long and honorable life.

What Made Robert Frost A Great Teacher

Robert was a humble man who actually did not consider himself a teacher. He would speak with his student as an equal, getting them to relax and open up to him. He believed that if the mind was relaxed is was more open to creativity. The video below gives a quick look into the life and legacy of Robert Frost.

Writing Tips Inspired From Robert Frost

Creativity through the power of imagination was one of Frost’s key pieces of advice. We all get stuck inside our own minds, creating false limitations and fears of what will happen if we make a mistake or step out of line. In reality, those who produce great works are the ones who don’t fear the opinions of others but are true to themselves to follow their chosen path, no matter how daunting it may seem.

If you are an aspiring writer with dreams to become a well know author it can fee like you are all alone in your journey. Always remember that there are many out there that can help you. There are many writing clubs all over the world with people just like you wanting to connect with others to bounce ideas off and get feedback and advice. For those that are looking for more in depth help there are many book writing services such as the Write A Book Foundation which can help you with every step of the way. From brainstorming, ghostwriting, and publishing.

The most important part to remember is to take joy in the journey of life. You can go through many years of difficult struggle with no signs of lasting success, and then everything can transform. Never give up on your goals and never give into the darkness we all walk through at different stages of life.

The Legacy of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis which stands for (Clive Staples) was one of the most respected and modeled after writers of the last 100 years. He live for 1898 to 1963, making him only 64 when he passed away into eternity. With more that 30 published books to his name, he is widely known through out the world due to the popularity of several of his works that were made into movies and plays.

From Atheist To A Man of Faith

In his early years as a writer, C.S. Lewis was a self proclaimed atheist and seemed to be proud of it. He famously said “I maintained that God did not exist. I was also very angry with God for not existing. I was equally angry with Him for creating a world”. This seems to be a common theme you will find in the atheist community, they do not believe God exists and are angry at Him at the same time. From my point of view, it displays that atheists know that there is a God but they are so afraid of Him that they think if the convince themselves and others around them that He does not exist, they won’t have to be accountable to Him when they leave this world. Mr. Lewis had held this belief for many years until 1931 when he converted to follow Jesus Christ. This decision drastically changed his life and the work he would produce, most famously Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

What Made His Writing Unique

Lewis was special because he was the first author to successfully bridge the message from the Bible into a widely popular works that were excepted and enjoyed by people from all different beliefs. He had the ability to touch universal human experience. He was able to break down the wall that many people put up when they here it’s a christian work. The video below is a great documentary that celebrates his life and works.

For More On C.S. Lewis

If you would like more info on C.S. Lewis, you can visit the official C.S. Lewis website where you can purchase any of his works in hardcover.

The #1 Selling Book of All Time

The art of writing has been around for thousands of years. It has been the main form of communication and passing down knowledge and history through the generations. With the influx of video through television and the internet, writing taken a back seat in the last 100 years but of course will always play a crucial role in how we live.

Lets Start With The #1 Selling Book Ever

The Holy Bible is without a doubt the best selling book of all time due to it’s divine nature as being inspired by God and written through His prophets over 1,500 of years. If you have not read the Bible in it’s entirety it basically is a compilation of 66 books written by 40 authors. The main meaning of the Bible points to how man has fallen out of connection with God through sin. The Bible is split into 2 main categories, the Old & New Testament. The Old Testament tells of the prophets who spoke about the coming savior who would one day provide the perfect and holy sacrifice to make a way fro man to be reconnected to God. The New Testament tells of how Jesus Christ was born of the Holy Spirit and lived to fulfill the prophecies that the Old Testament spoke of, making a way back to God through faith in Jesus.

Many millions of people around the world believe that the Bible is the Holy Word of God, written by the hand of men but inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. The amazing part about the Bible is that the prophecies within the Old Testament have actually come true, proving the Bible has been inspired by God who is outside of time and knows the beginning (as written in the book of Genius) and the end the (as written in the book of Revelation). Whether you believe in the Bible or not, it’s accuracy is undeniable. is a great resource for more info on the scriptures. The video below also gives a great animated look at the how the Bible was written.