The Vital Importance of Generational Oral History


In past posts I have highlighted several great authors throughout history who have been made famous for their written work. In this post I want to focus on the importance on the original form of communication which is oral history through story telling.

Whether you believe in the theory of evolution that sates we evolved from apes or you believe that God created Adam and Eve in the garden of eden, there is no doubt that oral history passed from one generation to the next has played a very important role in documenting what we know about our world.

man on stage preaching

During biblical times, the stories of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob where passed from parent to child in order to keep the faith strong within the Jewish nation. Even more so the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached throughout the entire world through oral history.

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I personally feel that the present is an even more important time for oral history due to social media companies controlling the narrative of everything we read online. Passing on personal stories of struggle, perseverance, and success are crucially important to the integrity and authenticity of our culture.

For a more in depth view on the importance of oral history check out the video below featuring Professor Roger Horowitz from the University of Delaware who gives a great example.

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